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Being in business for yourself is tough. Everything you do is a learning process, and I'm not afraid to say that I have more to learn. I'm still growing as an artist, brand and professional. When you hire me to shoot, I take it as my job to capture a hidden part of whatever is in front of my lens. I like to get to know people and what they are about before and while I work with them. This gives me a chance to really find the qualities that make a picture stand out!

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They Want FX!!!! (Sensors) ©Foto Peligroso


This is a sample from my first foray into the world of FX (full frame) Nikons. I rented a D600 to try it out and I was not disappointed. I know that the FX vs. DX debate is endless, but…I WANT ONE! lol

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Something Old, Something New... (c) Garren Bunton

     This is  the first blog post of the NEW blog. Why this pic, though? Well, I'm starting a rotation to keep this fresh. I will take the route of the old wedding list: old, new, borrowed, blue. Old pics will show where I was. New pics will show where I am. Borrowed pics…well, I might be light on borrowed pics, but they will show some inspiration or highlight other people and events going on. The blue, won't be necessarily blue in hue, but true blue to me, showcasing my perspective or personality. 

     Aside from all of that, I think this pic is beautiful. I was at a wedding for a friend and just happened to have my camera. A quick pose and it came out nice. This was around the time I first started using my logo and using the name Foto Peligroso, so I am proud to look back on it: Something Old.

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